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tv   News  ABC  October 30, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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rain and winds kept you from sleeping. what you need to know to stay safe this morning. >> that is ahead on this tuesday, october 30th, a live look, ham den, flooding
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underneath the jfx. sherrie johnson will have more as we continue with team coverage and the aftermath of hurricane now super storm sandy. >> the story is going to be the flooding and we are not done with the rain, we are not done with the winds but hopefully not as bad as what we heard last night. >> lynette charles is standing by with where we stands today and a look ahead. you can see we have lots of rain, i'm going to step out of the way, maryland's most powerful radar, the yellows, oranges, heavy rain bands coming in. ocean city, see the yellows and oranges. the rain will continue to work in as we go throughout the day. we have snow back across western maryland, also in to west virginia, they could be rereceiving 2-3 feet. we dealt with five inches yesterday. that will continue as we go throughout the day. not only will we have the rain
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piling up, but the winds as well. these are the current winds sustained about 9 shady side. haverly grace 17. winds gusts are a lot more and those are your tropical storm forced wind gusts we are dealing with. 66 frederick. that's the big one, 48 shady side. we are looking at 46 fredericksburg. haverly grace 36. 53 ocean city. that's what we have to deal with today. see the 71 cape may. before i cover it up. this is in store. rain, wind, and these were the peak wind gusts yesterday. annapolis 69. 68 dundalk, arbutus. bwi60. we are in store for what we had yesterday. more rain and wind. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. good morning, the mta suspended all operations again
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today and as lynette mentioned, wind is a big factor, leading to power outages, fallen lines shut down route 24 at route 136. more problems throughout the region, baltimore now, a lot of flooding. here is a look at ruxton in towson, video taken a few showers ago. you will notice flooding in the region, on the road, want to watchout for that. definitely want to make sure not to drive through standing water. it can be dangerous. you don't know how deep it is. roads lake this, this is what they are going to look like, if you are traveling on falls road, that's shut down due to flooding. rosedale, route 588, closed although golden ring road and problems in arundel county, want to watchout for flooding on route 176, near central avenue and in handover, route one, shutdown due to flooding, troy hill road. this morning, many of us
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are waking up to the effects of hurricane sandy. >> sherrie johnson joins us live on the jfx with more. you are seeing flooding. >> reporter: yes. we are here in hampton, take a look behind me here, there is definitely some water that is overflowing the banks. this is the jones falls here, right under the jfx, some of the businesses in this area, and the parking lots are flooded here because the water is rising over it's banks here. this area is no stranger to flooding for the businesses and homes here. they have experienced problems with other storms in the low lying area. the city department of transportation has closed several roads and intersections because of flooding. this includes clifford mill at meadow mill business park. mayor stephanie rawlings blake request, police officers and emergency responders are basically out on the streets this morning to respond to any
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problems. they have stopped by here, a couple of times, we have seen them patrolling the area, it's all in an effort to keep people safe. the city received a number of calls for downed trees and power lines and flooding. yesterday the mayor, she announced a mandatory travel restriction for roadways. that restriction began last night about 6:00 and runs until today at noon, is restriction does not include uniformed personnel, hospital employees and other medical providers. the baltimore city opened six shelters for people that are displaced because of hurricane sandy. they want to make sure everybody has a safe place to go. yocan hear the water at the jones falls. it's causing the water to run over in to the business park area, there are a numb of businesses over there, a number of other lots flooded right now because of the rising water. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a number of deaths
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attributed to super storm sandy. here we have had two, one hand overnight in arundel county. >> one man died after a tree fell on top of his house. linda so is live this morning, she is in millersville and has the latest. they have to bring a crane to go in and clean the mess up? >> they are waiting for the heavy crane. the tree that fell on the house was so big they physically couldn't remove it. they need the crane. the man was doing what we have been told to do, to stay at home and ride out the storm. it's dangerous. a tree fell in his front yard on top 9pñof his house and crus him to death. new video we want to show you, a shot about three hours ago, this happened just before 11:00, overnight, in the 7700 block in pasadena. it's in the fort smallwood area. police got a call of a tree
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that fell in the front. it cut through the roof. you can see the tree, it had split the home on the left hand side, and unfortunately landed on the victim. he was 70-year-old man, who was killed, he was in the kitchen, police aren't sure if he was cooking at the time. when the tree fell, it pinned him. he was trapped and he was found dead when officers arrived. they are waiting for the heavy crane so they can remove the tree and make a positive identification on this man. that's when family members will be notified, we are told the man in his 70s, lived in the home alone, but he had an adult son who would stay with him. once the tree is removed the body will be taken to the medical examiner's office. the hms bounty sank killing
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a crew member. the search continues for the captain. this is video of the 14 crew members pulled to safety off of the coast of north carolina that ship was about 160 miles from the eye of the hurricane when it started taking on water. >> i just spent my life rebuilding the ship to get it to where it s. we saved her from the graveyard once, to have her go is heart wrenching. >> the captain and a crew member were tossed off of the ship by a wave as they were getting onto the lifeboat. it was built for mutiny on the bounty and used for the film pirates of the caribbean, dead man's chest. the power of hurricane sandy, a super storm, will be affecting us in to tuesday morning today. >> western maryland, virginia and parts of west virginia, take a look at this, dealing with snow. how much snow you may ask? west virginia right now, 18 inches.
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you don't think about snow when you heard the word hurricane, that's the case in west virginia in the mountains.
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this brought the blizzard conditions to the region monday evening. 2-3 feet of snow, possible in higher elevations. we will have to wait and see what happens. >> variety of weather going on now. james is out this morning for us. he is in west palm beach florida. when sandy skirted the coast, he said i got to go north. >> here he is. how are you doing? >> reporter: had to come up and chase sandy. down in florida, it was warm k windy and rainy. it's freezing to me. we are seeing the rain, reisterstown, maryland emergency management agency. they have a whole pack here of weather instruments, anemometer spinning out there so they can keep track and keep everybody safe and know where to deploy people. that's across the street over here. the governor will speak at 10:30 today.
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he is going to come over here and speak and give a statement at 10:30. according to meama, there have been two deaths in the state, one from the tree falling in the house, another one from a car accident in montgomery county and planning to mobilize a medical strike team in chrisfield, summer set county, to help out with extra ambulances and anything that happens. they are thinking that's one of the harder hit areas. live, we are getting wet. it is raining still, it's windy. gusts every now and then, 30 or 10 miles an hour. back to you guys in the studio. >> we want to remind you, governor o'malley will be there today speaking, we will tell you and bring you the coverage live at 10:30. a breaking story out of new jersey, gatserring -- we are gathering information about a dam breech. we will have more information in a bit. continuing coverage, also you
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will remember yesterday we were one of the first places to tell you about the pier damaged in ocean city. that was just the beginning. >> stay with us. we will take you to the popular vacation spot where so many of you go during the summer and show you the destruction left behind thanks to sandy. okay, what'ya havin?
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super storm sandy, the blamed for 16 deaths including two here in maryland. a big mess is left to clean up in one spot, ocean city, we first began reporting the problems as san day made her way to landfall. tim is live. >> reporter: the freezing rain has let up a bit. we are getting it on and off and the wind gusts that you saw yesterday are gone. sandy was the uponster that we all -- monster that we all feared. it's going to take days to determine the devastation. millions of americans are waking up impacted. 5million americans are without power this morning. new york city, lower manhattan devastated, encountered severe
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flooding, stock exchange is not going to open today. new jersey, parts of new jersey are completely under water. people needing to be rescued and evacuated. one hospital in lower manhattan had to be evacuated. small babies. it was a devastating storm, enormous surge, 13 feet in new york city. people stranded all throughout the region and 8 states that are going to have snow. >> tim, where you are in ocean city, maryland, there at the point of the atlantic ocean, you are trapped there. there was a mandatory evacuation set for 8:00 p.m. you talked to locals. die hards who decide they had were going to ride the super storm out. >> reporter: those folks are going to be stuck here. one of the main bridges was shutdown. we all are fascinated by the bay. the bay looks more threatening than the ocean.
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the bay has caused the flooding of some of the area here, major pier was destroyed. that's what people have been talking about. this is not the normal sunny beach place we are used to in ocean city. it's a storm center now. >> what was one of your first remembrances from being stuck? you have done this before, what is your take away from being in ocean city for sandy? >> reporter: my take away here, is it's cold. usually you go in to a hurricane and pack the rain gear. i think what me and my team didn't prepare for is how freezing it is. >> you guys stay safe and get warm. >> back in to the weather center, what is expected for this tuesday with lynette charles. let's talk about the cold aspect. seeing snow towards the west, see, western maryland, also in west virginia, two to three
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feet of snow fall across the yeah. here at home, we are definitely dealing with wet weather this morning, we zoom in to the area of the yellow, the heaviest rein is falling, the interstates are getting soaked this morning along i-270, rockville, silver spring, i-95, glen burnie, silver spring, dc. you shouldn't be on the roadways, let the storm pass. it's made its way inland but sitting and spinning for a while. outside, show you what happened yesterday, in frostburg. snow falling across the area, this is what we have this morning in baltimore k we have that rain coming down across the area. i hike what i'm seeing, no cars as of now. hopefully this will continue through the morning hours and also the daytime. flood warnings, yes, they are in effect because of the rain that we have gotten and the
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rain we will continue to get through today and also tomorrow. now, coastal flood warnings up. we can see it for the areas in the blue color and get high tide as we go throughout the day. two to four foot bay surge. we can see high tide coming in at 5:55. i don't think that's happened yet. i don't know what time it is exactly. that will be coming in, in the next five minutes or so. next four men's. we have annapolis, 5:58, fells point 7:44, port deposit 11:39. this is what is going to be happening as we go through the morning hours on the bay. also speaking of the bay, chesapeake does have a high -- has a hurricane forced wind, warning in effect for today as well. we are going to be breezy, now, sustained winds in easton, 20 miles an hour, we have the
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gusts a little bit higher coming in at 25, this will be the scenario throughout the day. tropical storm forced winds persisting and also plenty of rainfall. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. good morning. the heavy winds causing power problems, now, approximately the hundred thousand marylanders are in the dark, harford county, a fallen power line shutdown route 2 4, route 136. many downed trees throughout the entire region, want to watchout for that. there is one, reisterstown road. flooding going to be anish shy as we take a look -- an issue as we take a look. ruxton road, towson, that's shut down. many other roads affected b. careful if you have to head out, falls road, closed at old court road and as well as in rosedale, 588 shutdown, golden ring road. the beltway now, the west side, not too many cars yet.
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the average speed has been, there is now a speed restriction in effect. you can't travel over 45 miles per hour, stay safe, stay at home if possible. that's a look at the traffic, over to you. storms as powerful as sandy produce images that v!we remember, especially after the weather passes. aplçlçéd.ñ.ñhrókññoo[
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alright let's break it down.
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let the making begin most of us spent the day inside away from the winds and rain, others out braving the elements. >> you can look at the photos that people took, some of them incredible, things you will remember forever, like this picture. army guards stood watch over the tomb of ton known soldier in arlington. the two was built after world war one in the memory of unidentified soldiers killed in war. this has been guarded by members of the third infantry army guard. we are minuting away from 6:00 on this tuesday morning in
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the aftermath of hurricane, now super storm sandy. this is just in from the associated press. president barack obama declared a disaster in new york and long island. more on this story, as we continue with our coverage for you today. this is just three minutes old ming out of dc. thousands without power, bge crews bringing in people from out of state. it's time to change the way we clean.
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